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TIR Carnet and its Life Cycle

TIR Carnet

The TIR Carnet is an international Customs document and constitutes the administrative backbone of the TIR system. It also provides proof of the existence of an international guarantee for the goods transported under the TIR system.

Under the supervision of the TIR Executive Board (TIRExB), the IRU is, at present, the only international organization authorized to centrally print and distribute TIR Carnets to its national guaranteeing associations under conditions set out in the Convention. Each national association in turn issues the TIR Carnets to transport operators in its country in accordance with the conditions set out in the declaration of commitment concluded between each transport operator and the association.

TIR Carnets are issued only to the TIR admitted transport operators by the national competent authorities.

Types of TIR Carnets

6 Volets (pages) : Used for crossing upto 6 customs centres

14 Volets (pages) : Used for crossing upto 14 customs centres

How to Fill in a TIR Carnet

TIR Carnet can be filled-in by the TIR Holder either by hand or by any other means, as long as the particulars on all sheets are clearly legible.


TIR Carnet Validity

TIR Carnet Validity: 75 days from the date of issuance

TIR Carnet Lifecycle & limitations:

1. TIR Carnet purchased from SATA, after the expiry date mentioned on field 1
of cover page of TIR carnet, either it is used or not used, the holder should
return the TIR carnet to SATA.

2. The TIR Carnet shall be valid for one journey only. It shall contain at least the
number of detachable vouchers which are necessary for the TIR transport in

3. TIR Carnet must be used only for the transit operation and
not, be used to cover the storage of goods under Customs control at
the destination.

SATA Valid for Single Journey
SATA One truck per TIR Carnet
SATA Eur 100000, Customs Duties & taxes guaranteed under a TIR carnet
SATA To be filled in with shipment details, Countries & Customs details
SATA Return the used or unused TIR Carnets to SATA