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Order TIR Carnet

Order TIR Carnet

The Transport companies who have successfully completed the TIR admission processes are entitled to place TIR Carnet order via TIR EPD application. The requested quantities are issued in line with the approval from SATA and according to the TIR carnet quota allotted and available

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How to receive TIR carnets at the Association’s headquarters

TIR carnets ordered can be picked up only by:

  1. Company owner (s),
  2. A person authorized by the owner of the company to collect TIR carnet from SATA

Collection Address

SATA Head Office, Riyadh,
SASCO Building, malaz district Al ehsa’a street ,Sasco building beside Herfi restaurant, Riyadh.
Mobile number : 0594156720
Phone number : 0114763131 EXT 1260