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December 8 2020

The First TIR movement takes place between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Following several successful TIR operations from Saudi Arabia to UAE, Oman and Jordan, a new TIR corridor has been activated from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait for the first time.

A container loaded with furniture arrived at King Abdulaziz Seaport Dammam KSA from China, cargo cross-loaded into a TIR approved truck, reached safely to its final destination in Kuwait through Khafji land border in KSA.

Since TIR activation, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continuously strengthen the existing trade corridors by further facilitating trade under the TIR digital system.  The Saudi based TIR holder Express Forwarding Services (EFS Logistics), remarked the first TIR movement in association with Saudi Customs Authorities, SATA and IRU.

This significant TIR movement facilitates the freight forwarding and transport industry as moving goods under TIR allowed to enjoy TIR benefits on this route.

  • Removing the need for several approvals from relevant authorities in view of the cargo cross loading into a TIR truck.
  • Significant reduction of transportation costs.
  • Acceptance of TIR Virtual Transit Customs Guarantee
  • Time saving on customs documentation, advance clearance through the use of TIR Electronic Pre Declaration facilities.

The whole journey under TIR, reduced the transport times by nearly 30% and costs by up to 40%

“We are proud to execute the first TIR Transit shipment from Dammam Seaport to Kuwait which further reduced Transportation cost and Transit Time. TIR System enables us to be a distinct service provider in the Freight Forwarding industry, thus to enhance value delivery through innovation.

Thanks to Saudi Customs for providing a digital and smooth border crossing experience under TIR, we are extremely happy to have EFS as an authorized TIR holder and one among the trusted companies in KSA. ” – Mr. Sameer Mohammed Kilfaden, Chairman-UM Fawaz Express Forwarding Services Company.