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IDP Purchase Policy

  • Ensure the validity of the Saudi driving license (shall not be less than a year).
  • Choose the method of delivery of the license of the items listed below and then fill out the application.
  • Upload the personal photo, copy of the Saudi license, and copy of the passport.
  • The required personal information shall be recorded in the fields assigned to the application and to ensure that the name in the English language of the passport is correct. In the event that there is a mistake in the data filled by the applicant, the data in the official documents submitted with the application is approved. The customer is not entitled to object to the registration of the official data in the International Driving license such as (name, date of birth & expiry date of the Saudi driving license).
  • The applicant undertakes not to have traffic violations registered within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, hindering registration of the application for the issuance of the international driving license by the National Information Center (NIC) associated with the Ministry of Interior and the General Directorate of Traffic.
  • The international driving license shall be issued according to category and type of the Saudi driving license.
  • The validity of the international driving license is one year, from the date of issue.
  • The charge of the international license shall vary according to the method of delivery and total shipping costs. In no case shall the license fees be refunded or cancelled after electronic payment.
  • If the customer requests the issuance of the international driving license and collect it from the nearest branch, the license will be issued within 24 hours from registration of the application and during the
    official working hours of the specified branch.
  • If the international driving license is requested and delivered to the customer’s location either inside or outside the Kingdom via the contracting companies with SATA, the customer will specify the address and the geographical location if possible to deliver the license, provided that the applicant shall pay the shipping fees shown in the purchase invoice.
  • Domestic and international shipping is carried out through the General Administration Office in Riyadh. In most cases, shipping is from 3 to 5 working days, and the shipping period may increase or decrease depending on the region or shipping company.