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CPD Policy

First: I am close to the fact that all the data of me and my car are correct without any responsibility on the Saudi Automobile Club Company and any change in the fact, civil and criminal responsibility falls on us only.

Second: The customs passbook (triptic) is required to be returned to the Saudi Automobile Club Company, as soon as it has performed its purpose or expired, free of any customs, civil or penal obligation that may arise or result in the vehicle entering a country of the world.

Third: In the event that my book is not traveled, lost or damaged, it is not permissible for me to claim any material compensation for that

Fourth: In the event of a notebook being damaged or lost, I am obliged to present official documents stating the return of the vehicle to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Fifth: In the event that the vehicle is left in any country outside the Kingdom, or if it violates the terms and conditions of the international agreement for the temporary customs release of the vehicle remaining inside the host country’s lands, then in this declaration, he assigned the Saudi Automobile Club Company or a representative in that country an agency that cannot be removed in taking all The necessary procedures to end the vehicle’s status, whether by assigning it to the customs or returning it to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the payment of any amounts due on it, and I commit to fulfill these amounts and expenses, whether they are paid by official or customary documents to the Saudi Automobile Club and I have no right to A discussion or objection to that, and these amounts are considered a debt in our debt due as I pledge. I, the signer below and whose address is shown above, have to pay according to this bond without restriction or condition to the order of the Saudi Car Club of Saudi Arabia, the full amount of fees, customs claims and fines received on The customs passbook (Triptec) mentioned above issued by the Saudi Automobile Club, where I, if I cannot return the vehicle to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for any reason, pledge that I will pay the amount due to the customs claim, which is due upon payment. Provided that my signature on this declaration is considered as (a bond to an order) and according to this bond it waives all rights to submit, claim, protest and notify to refrain from fulfilling this bond, and the gentleman / Saudi Automobile Club Company may endorse this bond for an order to any party without the debtor’s approval, and for the bearer of this The bond is the right of recourse without expenses and without notification or protest action to not fulfill this bond, the duty to pay without disruption according to Cabinet Resolution No. 692 of 09/26/1383 AH and crowned by Royal Decree No. 37 dated 11/10/1383 AH the commercial paper system. Provided that all of the above applies in the event that the vehicle is not returned to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the Triptic notebook is returned to the company of the car liability

Sixth: Commit to pay any other amount claimed by any other party for any reason related to the vehicle such as customs or violation of traffic laws or regulations in force in any country outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including leaving the vehicle anywhere in violation of the established system or stolen or for any reason Another of whatever kind, whether the driver of the vehicle is one of us or someone else.

Seventh: Any sums required from us or from the Saudi Automobile Club Company related to the vehicle’s customs passbook are considered a fixed cash debt in writing and performance status and then the club has the full right to require it in the event that we are late in fulfillment – by issuing a performance order with it and its attachments of expenses Or fees or fees for his lawyer against us in solidarity, or any of us, as the club company desires, without the need for any other procedures.

Eighth: In the case of renewing the period of the book or issuing an alternate book, this joint guarantee shall be deemed valid for the renewal period and for the alternate book of the same vehicle referred to above.

Ninth: On all of the above, I am fully committed and bear the full legal responsibility towards the Saudi Automobile Club Company, whether towards any civil or criminal obligations and the above mentioned above that I am the owner of the vehicle and who I drive and in the case of drivers driving the vehicle, I committed to add their names to the traffic book Customs as these drivers are agents of me as the owner of the vehicle.

Tenth: In the event that the vehicle is not able to enter or leave the host country because of it due to the competent government authorities, force majeure or wars, which caused the expiration of the validity of the book, then in this case the Saudi club company does not have any material or criminal responsibility In the face of the vehicle owner, the vehicle owner must resolve that project with the governmental authorities with the jurisdiction to designate a minimum responsibility for the Saudi club company.

Elhadi El Asher: I agree to the Saudi Automotive Club Company to inquire about me and exchange my credit information for the book and within the credit information exchange networks. On that, I signed it of my own free will and full eligibility to sign it, and there is nothing to prevent him from signing this declaration