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Digital TIR

TIR has fully digital capabilities and IRU urges users to benefit from the already available digitalized procedures.

A number of IT tools allow private sector stakeholders (transport operators, IRU and national associations) to exchange data with customs, as a response to a growing number of customs administrations that require advance cargo information.

The submission of advance cargo information is currently compulsory in the European Union (EU), Eurasian Customs Union, North America, China, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Ukraine.

Benefits of e-TIR

  • Reduced administrative burden in the absence of paperwork – more time to focus on high risk consignments
  • Enhanced security and reduced risk of fraud – identical information available at all customs en route electronically
  • Streamlining TIR procedures at border crossing points
  • Straightforward to implement and customizable to differing national IT systems
  • Modernized customs procedures
  • Generating more revenues by further trade facilitation
  • Enhancing trade with trade partners by joint implementation of digital operations
  • More flexibility related to work with TIR and possibility to obtain TIR electronic guarantees outside of
    office working hours
  • Reduced time related to TIR handling
    – No need to go to the association to obtain TIR guarantee
    – No need to fill in TIR guarantee manually
    – Possibility to log TIR transport in real-time
  • Reduced border waiting times
  • More accuracy with goods delivery times
  • Possibility to put goods on the market more quickly and generate more revenue
  • Makes TIR more attractive and eases its management
  • No physical stocks of TIR guarantees required – reduction of related costs
  • Possibility to log TIR transports in real time using TIR IT tools – further reducing possible risks